This is an intermediary web page for SLLBOCES email during the transition. This will be removed when all users’ mailbox migrations to the new system are complete, likely early next week.

Today all E-mail accounts can now login with the new email link : 

Please update any shortcuts or bookmarks you may have and if you have your account connected to your cell phone you may need to remove the email app and re-establish that connection, this need varies per phone. Some work after a full reboot of your phone.

Some phone setup tips:
1 - make sure the exchange option is selected (careful to not choose outlook )
(On an Iphone you may need to choose the manual option and use these settings)
2 - check the server name there is (careful to not use .com)
3 - check your full email address is your username with the part.
4 - leave the domain blank.

Thank you and should you need any assistance please contact the helpdesk, 315-386-4504 x 10101, we have extended coverage during this transition (even this weekend) so feel free to call between 7am and 7 pm.